Discussion Guide & Screening Tips


Walk With Me is a provocative film.

After seeing it, people may want to talk about the issues that it raises. Including viewers’ own experiences of feeling unwelcome or unaccepted at some point in their lives, their spiritual journey, or the deep impact the criminal justice system has on people’s lives.

In early screenings, issues of race and class in the church and society have been part of the discussion. With the Black Lives Matter movement calling for changes in race relations and criminal justice policy, Walk With Me is a timely film.

The Discussion Guide can help you help your viewers share their feelings and reactions. And it can help you keep the discussion focused and within the time that you have allotted.

If you are with a church or a faith group click on the BOX below.

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If you are with a criminal justice organization, community group or social service agency click on the BOX below.

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